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For as long as I have known her, which is a pretty long time now, my best friend has played netball.

For about the same amount of time I have considered her completely insane. You’d think, with my relatively newfound love of fitness, that I would have embraced her netball playing ways. But I haven’t, and I still think she’s a little unhinged to enjoy copping elbows in the ribs and being pushed around by scary women wearing initials that I’m pretty sure stand for ‘Gut Shover’ and ‘Woman Attacker’. But hey, that’s why she plays it and I don’t.

And in fairness, I’ve spent an awful lot of my life thinking that all those runners were pretty loopy too. I’d see them sweating and panting and wonder what on earth could drive a person to do such a thing.

Turns out, feeling COMPLETELY BLOODY AWESOME is a pretty good motivator, and when I’m in the car and see people running now I just want to wind down my window and hit them with some Eye of the Tiger and a big thumbs up. I’ve yet to actually do that, and my husband often tells me to stop staring at the runners, but one day. One day.

But here’s the thing. My bestie has taken up running in the past six months and I keep waiting for her to love it like I do. And she just doesn’t. She likes how she feels after a run, but the actual running isn’t her favourite. Because we aren’t the same person.


I see people raving about their personal trainers, and how much they love bootcamp. I think to myself if I want people to yell at me to do stuff I can just get out of bed in the morning. My kids totally have that covered. But some people thrive on it and that is their thing. If it gets you moving and loving it, then that is awesome!

Other people are mad keen cyclists. I have been trying to embrace the bike, but you know my bum still says no. It is a fun thing to do now and again with the kids, but I’m never gonna be the one out there punching the air because I rode up a mountain. Because I am never going to ride up a mountain. I’ll leave that to people who don’t mind feeling like their legs might fall off.

I will however run. And when I can’t run I will walk, because that makes me feel really great and happy too.

The biggest secret to going from a ‘fitness kick’ to a lifestyle change is liking it. It is that simple.

Some days I just cannot be bothered, but because I know that even the junkiest run will leave me feeling like a million bucks I will do it anyway. If I had to get up and play netball I might never get out of bed again. Running is my thing. It makes me feel strong and grounded and amazing.

Maybe you haven’t found your thing yet?

Try something new.

Go for a walk. Come and join our challenge and tell us every time you head out the door, because the best props come from people who get it. Trust me on this.

Learn to run. We all started with the first step, and maybe you’ll love it and maybe you won’t, but you’ll have given it a go.

Check out Crossfit, or a local gym, or book a session with a personal trainer. Or call my house at 8.15am any given morning and I’ll put one of my kids on the phone to yell at you. Mates rates.

Just give it a go. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What moves you?



Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. I'll get you cycling a mountain yet ;)

  2. Zoey Dowling

    Running moves me! I now know why I've quit the gym after a few months every time I've signed up. Because I never really liked it!! Running is for me though and so far, so good!

    • Zoey Dowling

      Yes!! I've wasted so many gym memberships when I could've been buying new trainers instead!! LOL

      • Zoey Dowling

        I get a bit sad thinking of the money I've wasted that could have bought me the coolest running gear on the planet! :p

  3. YES KATE! Sorry, did mean to yell at you! I think some people do certain stuff for fitness because that's what they think they SHOULD do, rather than doing something that they enjoy doing. I also can't bear the thought of boot camp or a PT because I feel I motivate myself enough on any given day. Life's hard enough at times without someone telling me what I've done isn't enough.

    • Zoey Dowling

      Yep I'm the same, but I do get that some people really respond to being yelled at ;)

  4. Ahhh yes so true!! As a PT girl (and actually being one in training) I enjoyed the confidence she gave me to lift weights heavier than I ever could on my own. I'm starting to enjoy running, possibly because I have my person doing it with me, possibly because I trust my legs are now strong enough to continue to propel me forward! I was thinking the other day, what's the difference between a perpetual diet, or health kick as opposed to a lifestyle change - and I think you've nailed it, it's the enjoying it bit!

  5. My pt is a friend and she is a great motivator she never yells but can convince you that you are capable of anything, That is why i go i am helping her in her training and getting a great body out of it while im there plus she is more than a trainer shes like my counsiller aswell lol. People always say it would be way cheaper to not go or to join the gym but i really like the environment and the way all the women in the group help and encourage each other. Running is my other love and it took me a while to get confident enough to go on my own but now i set that alarm and off i go. We arew as a group starting to train to do 5km ,10 km and half marathons depending on what suits each individual. One day hopefully next year i will be doing a half and who knows maybe as and op move girl xx

    • Zoey Dowling

      Sounds great Haley! I think when you find that thing that makes you feel happy as well as challenged you are on a winner!!