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I have an ongoing conversation with my daughter at the moment, because everything is a comparison. I suspect it’s a combination of age and personality, but still we have the conversation.

Fair doesn’t mean equal.

What someone else has, doesn’t devalue what you have.

If you always compare what you have, to what other people have, you will always be disappointed.

Don’t let what someone else has, change how you see what you have.

It’s a good reminder for me too. I never thought of myself as an optimist, but having this conversation several times a day, I’m turning into one.

You hear people say that you should only compare yourself to yourself. I don’t even do that anymore. I’m just where I’m at right now. I judge things based on effort. Did I show up? Did I give it all I had on that day? Will I show up tomorrow? Those are the only questions worth asking.

Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling