Who doesn’t love new gear?

Don’t worry that question was definitely rhetorical. If there’s one thing runners like, it’s more things to run in. Skins got in touch with me recently about sharing some of their gear with the Operation Move community, which I was very excited about, but I’d never personally tried them so I asked around in our coaching groups and in our community group and got some rave reviews. Now that I have tried them, I can see why.

Top 10 Things I Love

Sizing. True to size. There’s nothing more nerve wracking than buying online (which I do a lot of living regionally) and finding that the size is way out. I used their sizing chart and was somewhere between Small and Medium, so I took their advice and sized down to a small which was a perfect fit.

Waistband. I own a few different types of compression gear and the waistband is usually way too thin to be supportive and can make me feel cut off in the middle. Plus this waistband is scooped up at the back so it gives way better coverage.

Mid-Rise. The last time I wore low rise I was about 1o years younger. These sit just above my belly button and they don’t move whether I’m running or at Crossfit.

Light. I live in Northern NSW where coming into Summer now it is going to be hot, humid and gross. It’s ok though because I get 9 months of great running weather. But summer can be a challenge with running tights. I’ve worn these here and in Fiji and I never felt I was overheating.

They don’t move. I have a few pairs of tights that I need to continually pull up until I’m sweating enough so they stay put. (True, slightly gross story). But once these are on there is no adjusting needed at all.

Compressive. For me they are the perfect amount of compression. Great for running in when my muscles are a bit sore and I can feel how supportive they are, but not so much that they are restrictive at all. When my muscles start to fatigue in the tail end of a hard run I can definitely tell the difference when I’m wearing them as opposed to anything else.

Pockets. Oh I love pockets so much. If I am taking my phone I’d bring my spibelt or flipbelt, but for keys or an ATM card, there’s a great pocket at the back where it’s not going to irritate you at all while you are running.

No sweat marks or patches. I have other compression tights which I just wouldn’t wear because you get these giant, visible sweat patches in all the wrong places which is fine if I’m at home but a lot less fine if I’m out running or at the gym.

Recovery. I’ve recently returned to running and lifting after 3 weeks off and re-entry is tough. Everything hurts. So getting instant muscle relief from the compression is pretty ace.

Getting them on (or off). I’m sure there’s a YouTube series in the slapstick hilarity of getting your running tights on. I have some which fit but are so hard to get on that I could nearly dislocate a shoulder getting the job done, especially if I’m a wee bit sweaty. Not so here. Save all that energy for the workout.

Out in the field

If there’s one thing I know how to do it’s give my running gear an absolute hammering. Here’s what I got up to.

Crossfit. Total of 50 Power Cleans and 50 Burpees. Way too many burpees. 

Run in Fiji. It was so hot. Husband probably not super keen on the selfie situation, but he’s a trooper! 


Finally back home and recovered from a bit of a nasty cold I caught while on holiday. Something incredibly unfair about that scenario. But I got back out there and it was so lovely to be out running again. After doing nothing for the better part of two weeks, this was my second run back and I was a bit sore from running the day before. Shock to the system I think! But this run was faster and I got a lot of support from the compression with feeling a bit of muscle soreness. 


Second session back at Crossfit. Only way I was getting through that workout with current level of muscle soreness was compression. 


The Christmas Part

Skins have generously offered to give one person a pair of A400 WOMEN’S COMPRESSION 3/4 TIGHTS. These tights are available in black or in the gold design you see pictured in this post and are valued at $179.99.

What Skins have to say about these tights!

“Look good, feel good and train even better! Our SKINS A400 Women’s ¾ Tights have been designed with performance and comfort in mind so you can train harder and recover faster and look great while you’re at it.

Our A400 Women’s ¾ Tights include the new ADAPTIVE Technology to keep you cool when it’s hot and feeling warm when it’s cold. The new lower rise sits securely on your hips and the wider, shaped waistband with an easily accessible pocket lets you focus on your workout in maximum comfort.

Don’t forget our Dynamic Gradient Compression which helps deliver more oxygen to your active muscles. What’s that mean to you? It means you can train harder for longer and reduce the chance of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

For extra muscle support our Memory MX fabric has been added to various key areas including your ITB, TFL and knee to ensure maximum compression without restriction. This allows you to perfect your downward dog or run that little bit further while reducing the risk of injury.

And if that’s not enough we’ve added 360-degree reflectivity so you can go for a run at night without thinking twice.”

How to Enter

To enter, comment below with what your favourite workout is and why. The winner will be picked by the Operation Move coaches based on most interesting answer!

Entries will close on the 11th December at 11:59pm and winners will be notified by email.

We also have a gift for everyone!
Skins are also giving everyone in the community 20% off Skins full-priced products from the 1st to 20th December using the code OPMOVE-SKINS20 so you don’t have to win a competition, you can grab a great deal now.



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Zoey Dowling

Written by: Zoey Dowling

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  1. My favourite workout is anything that I can do with my husband and son. That could be a run, a ride, a swim or even just taking the dog for a walk. What I love most is teaching my son that exercise is fun!

  2. My favourite workout is to go running or walking along secluded walking trails and bike paths because I am so ungainly and uncoordinated that it is dangerous for everyone involved if I have to dodge people out walking their dogs or dodge speeding cyclists who have forgotten that it is a shared cyclists/pedestrians path they're riding along!

  3. My favourite workout at the moment is a zumba class. While im not the most coordinated person attending i think i laugh the most and cant get the smile off my face while sweating up a storm

  4. My favorite workout has changed over time. It used to be weights, and while I'll always hold a fondness for them, since having my 3rd child my favorite workout is one that both reminds me that I've done this many times and I'll get there again and one that pushes me to do something I haven't done before, which at the moment is my triathlon training. I'm not doing the big triathlon, not yet, but I'm so excited to own something again that is more than just some weights, it is an achievement I've worked for

  5. Tough question! Love all my workouts - running, resistance, cardio. Especially if I've got a particular goal - learn to do a sit up, a push up, a pull up, a that extra minute longer interval that I couldn't have done last week. My especial favourite workout is the one where I finally nail one of those goals - even if I can only manage 1 rep the first time.

  6. My most interesting workout this year was putting up our Christmas decorations! You see we moved house this year so I had to start from scratch including building a back fence to hang my lights on in a rental property where everything has to be removable. So how did we do it? We raided the local air force base for pallets, stood them up on their ends and screwed them all together then strung lights off them! 45 pallets later I can hang my lights but more than that it replaced more than a couple of crossfit sessions Lol!!

  7. Oh forgot to say it's my favorite workout as I LOVE Christmas!!!

  8. For me, it doesn't get much better than a long run on a country road, with hills and rickety bridges. In the early morning there are usually no other humans, but plenty of horses, cattle and wildlife (even a baby platypus once!). And I can back it up with a bit of karate training when I get home, because a bit of time punching and kicking something is never really wasted.

  9. My favorite workout is at Fernwood liverpool I have the aldi brand compression wear but I really want my own pair of skins to wear to the gym.

  10. I'm brand new to running, and in just 2 weeks will complete my first 'Learn to Run' course. My favourite workout happens on Saturday morning. My husband, 10 y.o. girl and I all get in the car and drive about 20min to attend a local 'run and walk' club (we're there before 8.00am!). We meet up with some friends and our girls go off for a run at their own pace. My husband has a heart & lung disease so he walks at his own pace and me? I just plod along doing my scheduled run for that day. Then we all enjoy a cuppa afterwards at our favourite local café.The BEST thing is, that 3 months ago, we all would have still been in bed! My running journey has inspired wellness in my whole family - and THAT is why Saturdays are my favourite workout.

  11. My favorite workout is at Fernwood liverpool and I also learnt to run with Rachels Runner's this year ☺ I have the aldi brand compression wear but I really want my own pair of skins to wear to the gym or running as I hear that nothing is like skins.

  12. My favourite workout is the one that I do when I really don't feel like it.... the hard ones always make me feel fabulous! Merry Christmas Op Move Team xx

  13. I absolutely love spin classes and boxing x hit! Similarly I love going on walks with my dad. Who knew I would ever say 'love' and 'exercise' in the same sentince!?!? Merry Christmas all!

  14. My favorite exercise is a good power walk, bopping music, positive attitude and fresh air... love

  15. My favourite workout is the moment you step out side when the sun is just raising, headphones, phone, dog & the world for the next 30 mins to yourself, running to the beat, singing outloud & pounding the pavement to the final 1km of your 5km when you are thirsty, Sweat dripping, flies coming out & then you hear the ding, 'Workout Complete' !! You bloody beauty

  16. My favourite workout is a long run 20+kms ! With nothing but me and nature! As I'm training for my first marathon, I need these runs to reinforce why I love to run!!

  17. My favourite training session this year was a moonlit run with my best friend and her family along a trail not to far (but far enough) from the escarpment on the ship wreck coast near Warrnambool. The moon caught the gravel path which was undulating in a rolling way & the sound track was the roaring southern ocean. Can't wait to do that again really soon, day or night.

  18. I love any type of lifting, but especially deadlifts, as you can lift some pretty decent weights that in turn boosts your confidence and makes you feel awesome.

  19. My favourite workout is my long run, usually on Sundays. It's my time to think, listen to podcasts and get out in the fresh air. Oh, and I turn my legs over too.

  20. Sharon Raines

    No favourite workout - just keep on moving .... I'm just happy that I'm actually still getting out there to attempt a 'run' after completing LTR in October, I have got out in the heat every week & even on holiday too !! I'm proud of me & my hubby is too. You never know I might just make a runner yet ;)

  21. My favourite is walking, with hills especially, I love the feeling of exhaustion knowing that my body is working at it's full capacity.

  22. Zumba. I can do it in the safety and privacy of my own home, so no one can laugh at how uncoordinated I am. And it doesn't feel like a workout, it's so much fun, dancing away, well feeling like I'm dancing, busting the most amazing moves, and it's like I'm a real dancer, not this dork with two left feet. But to top it all off, the results speak for themselves, fun that sheds the kilo's and tones my bum, removing the hail damage (also known as cellulite to those of us who do not speak fluent 'husband').

  23. Roller Derby. It got me over my fear of being touched, and gave me the confidence to wear hotpants!

  24. The dreaded burpees it has to be Gives me the results I want to see Fitness, strength and cardio too They often make me want to spew!

  25. ATM my favourite workout is jogging on the beach , doing step ups & a good brisk walk gives me inspiration to keep moving

  26. Running because not only is it a quick way of getting around, it burns lots of calories and allows your mind to run free.

  27. I have just discovered orienteering so that is my favourite workout at the moment. It's running and a treasure hunt rolled into one - what isn't to love about that!! Unfortunately it doesn't happen often enough to be my everyday workout. :-(

  28. My favourite workout is anything with intervals be it a Mona fartlek while running, sprint reps on the spin bike or reps in the pool. I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. The coffee reward at the end is always great too :-)

  29. I love farklets because not only is fun to say I'm doing farklets, I also enjoy the craziness of it !! It's a bit random like me so it's a match made in heaven and is such a fun way to mix up a normal run!

  30. My favourite (which I have only started in the past few weeks) is doing F45. It is so high octane and energetic that it feels like a 5 min workout rather than 45 min. It is so effective I already need new tights because mine are a bit loose on me now.

  31. As a runner my favourite workout is doing intervals. They help condition me for racing, aid in perfecting my form & leg turnover, and help to strengthen my cardiovascular system. Intervals not only toughen me up physically, but mentally as well. The Skins would be great to assist in my recovery so that I can do it all over again...To get STRONGER!

  32. I love outdoor workouts, from running around the oval with the dogs and kids, to climbing mountains and exploring new areas as we walk

  33. The early morning long run. I love watching the world wake up - I run along a river and watch the sleepy workers breathe cold air as they drink coffee and wait for their cars to wake up, the determined dog walkers rugged up against the chill and the late night revellers stumbling home. There is almost something magical about being a part of the world as it wakes to the new day.

  34. I have severe spilt ab muscles requiring surgery so my work out options are limited but I make sure I get out for a long walk everyday we live in a rural location with some great challenging hill climbs.

  35. My favourite workout is anything I can do with the kids! Running while they are riding their bikes or scooters, kayaking, swimming laps, playing footy, or climbing a mountain. I've lived here for 20 years & last summer, for the first time, my boys & I climbed Tabletop Mountain to watch the sun come up, & it was spectacular!

  36. For rowing training, my favourite training is the erg machine in intense one minute against myself and that clock for maximum motivation!