All the magic is in the work

View from Warwick Half Marathon, 2016 I was having a conversation the other day about motivation. What happens when you lose your mojo, and you aren’t sure how to get it back. And they said to me, “it’s okay for you, that’s your job”. Which is totally true. I can’t

When it’s time to stop saying nothing

A long while ago, towards the end of my blogging life I just posted photos. It seemed like there was more truth in an image, because words could be interpreted every which-way and end up so far from where you intended them to. But an image, was pure in a


I was sitting on the plane on the way home from Melbourne a few weeks ago and I got out my crocheting. I appreciate time away to catch up on crocheting because when I’m at home if I sit down I accidentally set off the ‘I need juice/milk/food/WHY DON’T YOU

When you have a bit of a crap week

I’m not talking about this week, I’m talking about last week. When this post goes live on Monday I assume I’ll be basking in the glory of my fourth marathon of the year. Or I could be basking in the soreness. Either way, you can rest assured I’ll be basking

You deserve to take up space

I always thought of myself as a wallpaper woman. I had the ability to disappear into the walls, well enough that no one would ever see me there. It starts off as a self-protection measure, and it slowly gets into every crack of your being and every moment of your


I was explaining to a friend the other day that although intellectually I understood why Katie had to end our partnership at Operation Move and transition into more of an ambassadorship role, emotionally I never accepted it. When it happened I changed a lot of things. I changed directorship registries,