A Gift Guide for the Runner in Your Life

It’s coming up to my absolute favourite time of year, Christmas! And in the interest of everyone getting something they absolutely love for Christmas, I’ve come up with a bit of a gift guide. You can use it to shop for a running friend, or just helpfully distribute to everyone

Do you need a rest day?

You know you’ve crossed a line somewhere when rest days require more discipline than training days. Even more challenging than your planned rest days are your unplanned ones. How do you tell the difference between a reason and an excuse? And how do you know when you are better off

Walking vs Running: Which is Better?

I’m a fan of both walking and running, but when it comes to this question, it actually leads to another question: What is your goal? If you look at any person at the peak of their sport, they are as fit as they can be for that sport, but they

Maybe recovery isn’t my super power

I’m fond of saying that my running superpower is recovery. I like that superpower because running is my favourite, so I enjoy bouncing back quickly from events. Because that means I get to run more. It’s probably also why I like the half marathon because it’s not as brutal a