Maybe recovery isn’t my super power

I’m fond of saying that my running superpower is recovery. I like that superpower because running is my favourite, so I enjoy bouncing back quickly from events. Because that means I get to run more. It’s probably also why I like the half marathon because it’s not as brutal a

Everyone Walks

“How do you take photos when you are running?” is a common enough question that I get asked. Or after a long run, “do you really run the whole way?” and the answer is that I walk. Or I take pictures at the end. Sometimes I walk on a long

February Fitness Challenge

How did you go with your moving minutes for January? What was your total? I think I ended up about the 1,500 minute mark which I am very happy with, especially during summer school holidays! This month I thought we’d do something a bit different, and I hope you’ll join

Meet a Mover – Nicole’s Story

Nicole is an awesome contributor to the Operation Move community and a wonderful member of our Run Club program too. She wrote this a year ago and sent it to me and I only recently discovered it in the abyss that is sometimes my email inbox. Don’t worry, I have

Christmas Come Early: A Skins Review and Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love new gear? Don’t worry that question was definitely rhetorical. If there’s one thing runners like, it’s more things to run in. Skins got in touch with me recently about sharing some of their gear with the Operation Move community, which I was very excited about, but I’d never personally