Dear Running, Wait for Me

For a long time now I’ve always thought of running as a close friend. A friend with her own intricacies and quirks and she has a personality all of her own too. And she’s always out there waiting for me to show up. She’s loyal like that. But sometimes, you

Workout of the Week: The Pyramid

This workout is demanding but fun and gives you plenty of breaks (my kind of quality work!) 1km Warm Up 1km Easy 200m Sprint 200m Recovery 400m Fast 200m Recovery 1km Tempo 200m Recovery 400m Fast 200m Recovery 200m Sprint 1km Cool Down This run is a total of 6km,

Supercharging your training through sleep.

If you ask any coach what they would check out if an athlete isn’t progressing, it’s sleep. I heard Allie Keefer talk about her pillars of training the other day and I really loved it. It was character, sleep, nutrition, training, racing. It’s from the book: Chasing Excellence by Ben

But, which garmin should I buy?

In honour of all of the sales on at the moment, I thought I’d come up with a super quick run down on what the main differences are between popular watches. Vivomove HR vs VivoActive 3 The VivoMove HR isn’t a GPS watch, whereas the VivoActive actually is. The VivoActive

How do you like being solo?

For people who are newer to this blog and the operation move community, you might not even know that it used to be a partnership. For others, it only becomes obvious maybe if you are listening to the podcast from the beginning and you are obviously listening to two people