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A group of Operation Movers were invited to experience the unique fitting system and fantastic service offered at She Science. Each Mover was prescribed the best sports bra for their needs, and in the coming weeks we will share their thoughts on the products.

Hilary Says:

In January I had the privilege of going to She Science and having a sports bra professionally fitted. I have to tell you this was smack bang in the middle of Melbourne’s heat wave and the very idea of hanging out in an air conditioned store had me sold, as sadly we have no air con at home. But the She Science ladies are nothing if not about moving, so into a new sports bra I was and onto the treadmill. At the start of my fitting Tish asked me if I knew my size, I replied 14C fairly confidently. She measured me and shook her head. My heart sank – I’m a 16, I thought, how did I let this happen and why does it seem I’m the last to know? Unfortunately it seems I still do a lot of my thinking out loud and my new BFF quickly informed me that I wasn’t a 16 or even a 14, but sitting somewhere between a 10 and 12. I also wasn’t a C cup, I was a DD or possibly E. In one morning I was refreshingly cool, skinnier and had larger breasts – go to She Science! They make you feel good!! As someone who is fairly shy, but usually covers it up by talking – a lot – (sorry guys), I loved how discreet the fitting was. Tish would bring me a bra, explain its benefits and leave me to put it on, while being close enough to assist if needed. She would then come back and I would hop on the treadmill to see how it felt and looked while exercising. This system allows you to compare different bras on the same screen and gives such an interesting and accurate picture of how much your breasts move while running. It also allowed me to see the ridiculous faces I pull while exercising which I am attributing wholly to treadmills, reinforcing my decision to quit the gym and focus on outdoor running. I think I would have spent at least 40 mins with Tish, tried on 4 different bras and settled on the Berlei Ultimate Performance. As well as feeling awesome and keeping the girls beautifully in place, it has a inbuilt mp3 pocket – I love it! The other thing I loved is that at no time did I feel rushed or pressured.

I am a massive online shopper and love a good recommendation so left to my own devices would have gone for the Juno Moving Comfort ( in the wrong size). But while being a great bra for so many movers, this didn’t suit me. I loved everything about She Science. It was a really positive shopping experience and I will definitely be back. I especially love that their range covers everything from the teeny weeny to the larger lady, something I know can be difficult to find in the sports apparel.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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