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Every now and then our community hits a new milestone and I like to celebrate! This is a perfectly timed one. Our page has just hit 4,000 members and it’s the end of the year which is a great time to start thinking about kicking some major goals in 2016.

In honour of our 4,000 strong community I will be picking 4 women to be Operation Move ambassadors for 2016. And as an ambassador you get access to every program we offer including Learn to Run, Total Fitness Challenge and Far and Fast Customised Coaching. Which is worth over $1,500 for the year. In 2015 we’ve had two ambassadors – Jo and Treacy who are two of the most amazing women I know and have both achieved incredible things this year. I am so proud of them. Treacy ran two half marathons and PRed both of them and Jo ran one of the most challenging ultras you can find uphill at Comrades. But I think the thing that I am most proud of is how much they inspire and support everyone within our community – which is really what Operation Move is all about. It’s not about the race day, it’s about every day. And they do every day with passion and strength and grace.

I am so excited to be continuing in that tradition for 2016. If you want to dive right in, here is the form to nominate yourself. Anyone is eligible to put their hand up, but before you do make sure you are already a member of our Facebook Community Group. This is open for people who are already part of our programs or people in the wider Operation Move community. Existing ambassadors are also welcome to nominate themselves.

And what I’m looking for is really very simple.

Operation Move changed my life – it brought amazing, supportive and kind women into my life. It challenged all of my ideas about my body and what it could do. And it showed me how much people are capable of if they just do one thing that they think is impossible.

I’m looking for people who are as passionate about Operation Move as I am. And that is all.

I cannot wait to see who is interested in taking me up on this opportunity. Nominations will remain open until the 26th December.

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Written by: Zoey Dowling

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  1. Hi I am a 45 yo working mum supporting a family (I am the income). Yes I only have one kid yes I send her to st bennys. But I'm happy to go without. Hubby struggles mental , physical n drug issues that most think are an an excuse. Some days I agree But I love my family . What I hate is that I did it again. I lost 40kg , kicked a half marathon ( trained myself) then put 2lg back on. I need to get my shit back. I can't blame anyone for not getting up n going for a run hit me. I know I just need a push. I wanna feel good about myself before my baby realises my weight n confidence struggles