I’ve been having a fairly challenging year one way or another. If you don’t know the backstory, you can read about that over at Her Collective.

Something I learned very early on in my separation was that whilst I was so blessed with loving friends and family who carried me through the darkest of days, I needed to really draw on what resilience I had and learn to be my own hero.

As someone who is very good at portraying a positive outlook publicly whilst hiding some enormous self-doubt and sadness, this was an incredibly challenging task. I leaned heavily on Zoey and other people to remind me that I was okay because it was easier to believe them than believe in myself, but over time I found ways to spark that memory of strength, confidence and ability that enabled me to leave in the first place.

Having reached a place of general happiness once more, I have a few talismans that I use to pick me back up if I feel I might be sliding. Those external cues immediately pull me back to where I am now, and what I have achieved.

FullSizeRenderThe one that is with me permanently is my running girl. I got her a month after my first marathon, a few weeks after my separation. She reminds me that anything is possible.


But she has company these days. From the moment I received my beautiful Smile Chickie Secret Superhero ring it has rarely left my finger.

When Sue from Smile Chickie released these rings recently I knew immediately that they were something so special. Engraved on the inside of the ring is ‘I Can I Will’ and the power of carrying that mantra around with me daily appealed so much. Also, it is a BEAUTIFUL ring and I like beautiful things.

Smile Chickie exemplifies so much of what Operation Move stands for as well. Women supporting and empowering each other. Community, not competition. When Sue (who is a pretty amazing woman herself and knows my story well) sent me my own Secret Superhero ring I was beside myself with joy. I love what she stands for, I love what her business stands for, and I love what this gorgeous piece of jewellery stands for.

I wear it every day. I look at it often and remind myself that I can, I will and I am loved. I have become my own superhero and whilst there are still hard times to tackle I know I can tackle them.

If you would love to embrace your own inner secret superhero or know someone who deserves reminding that they are amazing, you can order right here. This is an affiliate link because Smile Chickie loves supporting OpMove as much as we love supporting them, just so as you are aware of that.  

We are also so happy to be giving one of you a Secret Superhero Ring of your very own!

To enter just pop your details into the form below* and be sure to share this post with anyone you think could do with some positivity and empowerment in their lives as well.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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