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With an increasing number of running specific prams on the market, it can be hard to know what will best suit your training AND your little person.

When looking for a running pram there are a number of factors to consider; Where do you run? How old is your child? How much time will be spent in the pram? Will it fit in your car? Does it need to serve as an everyday stroller as well, or will it only ever be used for running?

The newly released Summit X3 by Baby Jogger has been highly anticipated. Baby Jogger are known for quality products and clever design, and the Summit X3 is no exception.

The jogging stroller (or as we prefer, running pram) has one key feature that is noticeable the moment your child gets in; all wheel suspension. Of course a number of prams boast this feature these days, but even over the bumpiest corrugated dirt road my daughter had a noticeably smoother ride than in our old running pram.

The Summit X3 also has a generous canopy with a three part fold that, when opened fully, provides optimal protection against the harsh Aussie sun. It features a lockable front wheel (which should be fixed for running, but can be released to a swivel for everyday use and walking) which offers greater versatility than its fixed wheel counterparts.

It is an attractive unit which will safely carry a child up to 34kgs, a huge increase on standard single prams . What this means for us is that my 5.5 year old son will outgrow it height wise before he reaches the weight restriction. Being tall for his age he’d probably only have another few months of sitting comfortably in it, whereas my 3yo will have a cushy ride for years to come. When you’re a mother runner and the only way to get your training in is to do it with the kids, it’s good to know that the Summit is a decent long term investment.

Standard features include an easy flick foot brake, additional quick grab hand brake and secure quick release five point safety belt for the child.

The renowned Baby Jogger one handed fold requires only that you undo two safety straps before grabbing the handle in the centre of the seat and lifting, and for such a sturdy stroller it boasts a more compact fold than many others. It should fit comfortably in the boot of most sedans with room to spare.

We took the stroller out for an 8km run/walk on various terrains including gravel, dirt, rough track and asphalt. It performed well on all surfaces and my my daughter seemed not to notice the difference in terms of her own comfort, something she has commented on in other prams.

The one handed recline is very handy for children who are likely to fall asleep while you are out running, and you can separately purchase a console for snacks and entertainment items. Also available: wet weather cover, mesh cover, parent console and other options.

At $749RRP the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is an investment item for most families, but when considered against the cost of a gym membership plus creche with the added benefit of getting out in the fresh air with your children, it may be one worth making.


*Please note: whilst a bassinet and travel system option are available for the Baby Jogger Summit X3, it is not recommended to run with a child under the age of 12 months unless under paediatric guidance. 

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  3. hi, just wondering about the front wheel on muddy, grassy or rocky terrain- it appears to have only a small gap between wheel and guard, something that our current pram has that is constantly blocking up with debris when offroad- does this happen with the summit?? thanks

  4. Quality, clever design and a handful of significant features, the Summit X3 is an all-in. Thumbs up for a great review! :)