1. You are healthy in all areas of your life

Incorrect. I am a human garbage can. Running enables my close personal relationship with catbs and pie and carbs

2. If you walk it doesn’t count

It counts if you are moving forward. It counts if you stop and have a rest. If you do the distance it counts, if you do half of the distance it counts. Everything counts.

3. It’s hard

Yeah not really. I mean it feels hard sometimes. But it isn’t really. Grief is hard. Depression is hard. Running isn’t hard.

4. There is a running body type

Not if you have ever been to a running festival there isn’t. Anyone can run, and it attracts all kinds. That’s what makes it so awesome.

5. There is a best running shoe

In magical unicorn land, sure. There is one magical shoe that is perfect for everyone. Unfortunately on earth we have to experiment with what works best for us as individuals.

6. Running is cheaper than therapy

Not the way I do it, it’s not. I mean it could be, I guess. For someone who is not me.

7. Every run should be a good one

Every now and then you will have an inexplicably bad run. There’s often no rhyme or reason. It will just happen and it will be bad. The good news is that they rarely happen twice in a row.

8. Runners are crazy

Ok, that one might be true.

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. OMG. Love this - it is so true. "In a magical unicorn land" lol. I think that's the land where running is cheap!!

  2. Ha ha love it. Very true especially no 8! X

  3. Love them !!! And all so very true. Have the best day ! Me xox