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There are so many things that get in the way of us moving and exercising the way we want to. Whether it be small children or work or competing commitments, it can be really tough! There are ways when a week isn’t going according to plan that you can sneak a bit in though and feel a whole heap better.

1) Get up Early

Not always possible for everyone if you are sole parenting or your partner leaves super early. But for a lot of us, if we set the alarm for 5am it means we can get a decent amount of exercise time in before we have to get into gear for work or school drop off. It’s my favourite time of day. Getting that me time in the morning just gets my head in a great place for the rest of the day.

2) Parents and Kids Classes

They have these at my local Crossfit. It’s so fantastic. I go and do a class with a bunch of other parents and they have play areas (and carers) for the kids. I take Piper with me and she really looks forward to it. She’s not at preschool yet so the chance to play with other kids and all of the cool gymnastics equipment there is always met with huge amounts of enthusiasm.

3) Tag Team

Kate does this with her best mate and it works a treat. Kids get a play date, and they both get a run in.

4) HIIT apps

There  are so many 7 minute exercise apps that you can use. And they blare at you at a set time so you don’t forget. They focus on quick, high intensity workouts and are pretty great, particularly if you can’t get to a gym.

5) Walk at lunch time

Maybe the problem isn’t so much kids but that you are at work behind a desk all day? If you get an hour for lunch, you can use half of that to get outside and go for a walk. If you are like me, you will welcome the chance to get outdoors and away from the stuffy office anyway!

6) Playground workout

How boring is the park? Not anymore, because Kate has some ideas for a playground workout so your kids have fun and you get some moving in.

7) Trike Training

Sometimes I’ve wanted to get a running session in but still had my smallest at home with me. She has a serious case of pram refusal so I haven’t tried putting her in a pram for ages. But we do have a trike which she likes which has a telescopic steering so it’s easy to manoeuvre. It certainly adds a level of intensity to hill repeats and she enjoys it.

Do you have any tips for sneaking exercise into a busy schedule?

Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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