2XU sports bra review

Recently a group of Operation Movers were invited to experience the unique fitting system and fantastic service offered at She Science. Each Mover was prescribed the best sports bra for their needs, and in the coming weeks we will share their thoughts on the products.

Meisha Says: I’d heard about She Science from another mover and was interested in checking it out, so when the opportunity arose to do so with some of the Op Move team I jumped at the chance.

As a small chested lady it had never occurred to me to get fitted for a sports bra. I just wore crop tops and that seemed to be enough. However after 5 years and counting of breast feeding, although I was back to being small, I definitely needed and wanted more support.

I was currently wearing a triumph triaction bra which I did like but I wanted to see what else was out there, and the thought of being professionally fitted also appealed to me as I wondered if I was wearing the right size.

I was immediately impressed with the staff and atmosphere at She Science. It was professional yet friendly and welcoming. And the range of sports bras was amazing…so many sizes, styles and colours! And they also had a great range of other exercise clothing and accessories.

The sales assistant measured me and spoke to me about my preferences. My current bra was the type that basically strapped the boobs down so they don’t move! I was happy to hear that there were options for me that might make it seem like I actually had boobs. I was also used to a racer back style however I was open to trying something different.

The first bra I tried on was Moving Comfort Rebound Racer. I loved the look and the style of this bra, particularly the great colours, but it didn’t quite feel like the right bra for me. Next was the 2XU Contour Sports Bra – at first glance it didn’t look like something I would usually try on, it wasn’t racer back (although it has a clip on the straps so you can make it a racer back if you want) and it wasn’t a crop top style like I was used to, but Iove the 2XU brand so I was happy to try them. They seemed to be a bit tight at first but I was assured they fit correctly, and I found once I had a run on the treadmill they did in fact feel great, very supportive and comfortable. And they have soft moulded cups so it was a lovely change to look like a woman and not a 12 year old boy for a change!

I have since worn the bra while weight training and on the cross trainer, and have found it to be so comfortable and supportive. I’ve worn it racer back style and non racer back, and both have been great. The other bonus has been the fitting advice given by She Science; the bra is an XS, and I had another brand new XS 2XU sports bra at home (I bought it during an online sale) which I thought was too small as it was hard to get on, but I gave it another go and realised that once I got it on (it’s hard to get on because it’s a crop top style) it’s actually a good fit! So I feel like I got 2 new bras for the price of one!

I would definitely recommend She Science to anyone who wants to be correctly fitted for a sports bra – it’s important for us all, not just those with bigger boobs!


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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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