Some people are planners. They need to have a goal in place, a direction to follow, a training plan to work with.

I am one of those people. In the past, I’ve been one of those people almost to the point of it being unhealthy, and I am re-learning that spontaneity can be really fun too at the moment.

But some goals take more planning than others, and when it comes to bringing the team together we know that the more notice we can give you all, the better the chances that we will get to catch up with you at an event!

And so with that in mind, we’d love to share with you the planned team events for 2015.

Of course many OpMovers will be running in many events over the year, but these are the three where we plan on having most if not all of the exec team present, and we will be organising social catch ups and carb loading events the day prior to race day. So even if you are not a runner now, you can pop the dates in your diary and look at joining Learn to Run and taking part in a 5k perhaps? Or set yourself a heftier target then plan to join our Far and Fast monthly subscription for a personalised training plan to help get you there maybe? Or even just make sure you are free to come along and take the opportunity to meet some Movers, and cheerlead those out on the course on event day.

So grab your calendar and make sure to save the following dates!

May 16 – 17 – Great Ocean Road

Yep, we are heading back to the beautiful bay to head up hills and around bends and enjoy the amazing scenery of this run. The weekend includes many various race distance options so there is absolutely something for everyone.

Our exec team have registered for the full marathon, which we intend to treat as a long slow run (because HILLS) so if you see reference to the ‘picnic marathon’ or #phwooar15 then that is what we are talking about. Anyone keen to join us is welcome, we will NOT be racing this one.

The half is a beautiful run as well, and there are 14 and 6km race options available as well as a 1.5km kids run.

July 4 – 5 Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is known to be one of the fastest and flattest in the country, plus it is on the GOLD COAST so for those of us who are feeling the chill in the southern states by July, a weekend escape to the sun seems like a great idea right?

Offering a marathon, half marathon, 10 an 5.7km races as well as a kids run, this weekend again gives everyone a chance to be involved no matter how new (or not new) a runner they are.

Mid October (dates TBC) – Melbourne

Back to where it all began, the Melbourne Marathon weekend is a key event in the OpMove calendar and we hope next year to see even more of you running across the many distances on offer.

We had SUCH a great time this year, and it is sure to be a fantastic event once again next year. Stay tuned for details as they are released.

Oh and I mentioned during the week that there was one great big audacious thing that Zoey and I are doing too, didn’t I?

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 9.50.46 pm


Yes. Yes we did.

On May 31st, along with the gorgeous Jo E, Zoey and I will be running 90kms uphill in South Africa. As you do.

Because if you are going to take it to the next level, you may as well do it properly right?


So your turn! What are your goals and dreams for the new year? Will we be catching up with you at any events?

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Zoey Dowling

Written by: operationmove

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  1. Haha I knew it! Nutters. I'm so glad you're doing something so crazy its out of my reach therefore I don't have to spend the next 6 months wondering if I should join you. I'll be there at GOR (half marathon of anyone wants to join me) and back for Melbourne of course! Awesome stuff girls, love your work :)

    • Zoey Dowling

      I keep having moments of thinking OMG I must be INSANE Meish! But for me, the timing seems right. It is time to do something I never would or could, because I can and will ;)

  2. Woohoo!!! Sooooooo glad the word is out. I can finally dare to put finger to keyboard without the risk of an accidental blab! Wheeee to Comrades.

  3. Ker-Ray-Zeeeeeee cool! see you at #phwooar15 ; ) xxx

  4. Jesus Christ. I fucking love you guys. SA oh man you rock. I'm putting it here that I will be there for the gold coast half. This is so freaking exciting.

  5. Zoey Dowling

    It doesn't get much crazier than that!! I cannot wait to follow your progress Kate, Zoey and Jo!! I'll be there in Melbourne for sure and might have to step out of the comfort zone and be a cheerleader at GOR!

  6. Wow! That is an awesome goal. We'll be at GOR and melbourne of course. Looking forward to a fab 2015. You girls rock!

  7. That's fabulous guys. I so look forward to following your journey. I'll definitely be in the Melbourne one and despite calls that my half was a one off I might go back and try to improve. GOR sounds awesome, will keep it in mind but with so much travel scheduled in 2015 I'm not sure any more will be achievable. Mind you as soon as my flights are booked for the US I'll be checking if there are any awesome runs crossing my oath over there. Well done guys.

  8. Holy shit Comrades. That sentence works on all the levels. But as Zoey would say "how hard could it be?"

  9. Oh man - that is epic !!!!! My Dad ran Comrades ten times - back in the day when we used to second runners from a car or motor bike. It's an amazing run. And, having been over there recently for a funeral, you will come back with a greater appreciation for this country (well I did). I'm going to see which of those events I could enter and be part of the team. Have the most AMAZING day !

  10. Oh my gosh. That is amazing. What an incredible year ahead. 90 kms uphill (please tell me you are sharing that 90 kms). I can't wait to be part of these team weekends with you all. I will run the half at Great Ocean Road and Melbourne (and try to work on getting to Qld). Thank you for giving us a safe environment to say 'yes'. Xx

  11. That is awesome kate. Good lck to you zoey and jo. I am going to aim for my first 10k at gold coast and would love to catch up. I hope to someday connect with running the way so many of the inspiring Op Movers have. Xxx

  12. Wow! You girls are an inspiration! How freakin exciting! Can I add any more exclamation marks to this? :) I'll join you in Anglesea xxx

  13. I'm going to be at all those races! Except Comrades, you can go be cool and crazy without me on that one. My family and I are hoping to volunteer at GOR (Too many hills babe, not me!) I'm wanting to run the full at Gold Coast and I'm planning to come back to Melbourne with the hope they let us run on the G next year. I'm so excited for you all!

  14. You guy certainly don't do things by halves! 2015 sounds like quite the year!! I can't commit to anything til I see how this new bub goes but I'll be hoping for the GOR half with Meisha (not that I'll be able to keep up with her!!) and Melb. Goldie might be my fall back if GOR doesn't happen but that's a really bad time of year for us, farm schedule-wise. And I'll be aiming to do a trail half in Sept in Wagga Wagga too...does that mean I'm hoping to compete 3 HMs while juggling a newborn and a toddler next year!? Hmmmm...

  15. I'm up for the Gold Coast Marathon and maybe the GOR. Comrades is on my wish list just not next year. It's always a frightening but thrilling thing to register for something as audacious as an ultra. I will be living it vicariously through the two of you. Truly inspiring ladies.

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